Red Door Salon & Spa earns an additional 218k in revenue

box + flow sees 9,200+ reservations through ClassPass

Lean Bean Fitness fuels growth and expansion with ClassPass

Case Studies

Beast Fitness — Growing the community

This HIIT studio looked to ClassPass and its built-in user base for help with reach and traffic; together they built a strong fitness community.

Big Hit Toronto — How automation can help you spend more time with your clients

The business accumen this Canadian studio gained from SmartSpot insights propelled them to target an untapped audience.

Cryofuel — Getting the word out: how ClassPass helped this business grow

An NYC-based cryotherapy studio enlisted ClassPass to help spread awareness about what they do (and why it's good for you).

box + flow — How this studio built their brand (instead of diluting it)

An NYC-based boxing and yoga studio was worried about brand dilution, but after working with ClassPass found the insightful technology and ability to fill unused inventory an asset.

CrossFit Outbreak — Filling your less popular classes: how one CrossFit studio did it

Bolstering slow classes was an issue for this CrossFit gym, until ClassPass helped with the heavy lifting.

Ferris360 — Refocus on what matters: leveraging SmartTools for a customer-first approach

A Toronto-based studio owner wanted to spend less time doing administration work and more time with his clients — ClassPass helped him to do just that.

Glow Facial Bar — Growing your customer base -- and keeping them

A Denver spa has seen a significant increase in bookings and re-bookings since partnering with ClassPass.

Lean Bean Fitness — Finding an aggregator model that works for your business

One Australian studio found success and gained control over her business and brand by choosing to work exclusively with ClassPass after feeling let down by competitors.

The Red Door Salon & Spa — Putting your best face forward: beauty and wellness on ClassPass

This salon partnered with ClassPass to target potential clients and monetize unbooked appointments across 24 locations.

Rush Cycle — Growing stronger together: a studio expansion success story

A San Diego spin studio wanted to expand their number of locations and worked with ClassPass to partner in their expansion planning.

The Sweat Shop — A small-town success story

Brand awareness and business insights brought this small town spin studio to ClassPass.

SYNCSTUDIO Durham — The seasonal slump is real

A small studio in a small town used ClassPass to garner traffic during lulls in seasonality and create their own close-knit community.

Youfit Health Clubs — What it's like to be a national brand on ClassPass

This health club brand brought its 110 locations on ClassPass, getting more people in the door and optimizing their customer experience.

SURFSET, Aaron Thouvenin — Video case study

Co-owner Aaron Thouvenin details how his surf-inspired fitness studio gains valuable insights from the tools in the ClassPass dashboard to optimize his business.

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