Business owners

ClassPass members

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How ClassPass works for business owners

  • Fill your openings

    List spots and appointments you don’t typically fill

  • Earn more revenue

    Get paid for every reservation you get

  • Get data and feedback

    Pull reports and reviews to fine-tune your business

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How ClassPass works for members

  • Search gyms and studios

    Discover new places or use filters

  • Reserve your spot

    Book an open class, appointment or gym time

  • Show up and have fun

    Enjoy some well-deserved time to focus on you

Hear from our partners

“With proactive account reps sending us reports and giving us insights into the industry, ClassPass is more than just a technology company.”

Tim Suski

“ClassPass gave us invaluable information about how the community was responding to our brand and what changes we could make to better serve our clients in the future.”

Frank Barricelli

“We've grown our community and can attribute part of that growth to the exposure we've received from ClassPass.”

Katie Lucas

Get insights, event info and more