Why ClassPass?


Increase your monthly revenue

Fill your unsold class spots and get paid for every reservation


Optimize your business

Access data and insights on reservations and user behavior


Exposure to new audiences

Attract people seeking the best 
in health and wellness


Partner with us at
no cost

Join for free and we'll work with you to set revenue-maximizing rates for your open class spots, gym time or appointments. Then, you get paid for every reservation we send you.


Manage data and insights in one place

Find client info, performance history, industry insights and reservation recommendations in one, easy-to-use dashboard.

Learn more from our resources

Check out our case studies, white papers and guides on everything from marketing tactics to industry trends.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I get started with ClassPass?

    The first step? Fill out our contact form. Once we receive your details, we’ll assess if your business is the right fit for ClassPass. If you are, we’ll contact you to start the onboarding process. And even better: you can sign up before your business is officially open.

  • What’s the cost to my studio to be a part of the ClassPass network?

    ClassPass is free to use! Becoming a partner costs you nothing. In fact, you’ll make money. For every reservation a ClassPass member makes at your business, you’ll get paid, increasing your monthly revenue.

  • How does ClassPass integrate with booking platforms?

    We integrate seamlessly with third-party booking platforms like MindBody, Zingfit, ClubReady and more. If you don’t use a booking platform, don’t worry! We also have a self-service tool that allows you to add your schedule directly to ClassPass. When users book through ClassPass, their reservation and booking details show up in your roster, right in your booking console.

  • How does ClassPass work?

    ClassPass members pay a monthly fee and receive a set number of credits to use per month (the monthly fee and credits vary by city). Members can then book classes using their credits. Classes have different credit values depending on actual cost of class, demand and more. When a member finds a class they want to book, they do it directly in our app or on our site. Members see all of the details they need to know about going to class at your studio, including address, important details and more. Once a member attends class, you’ll be paid for that reservation.

  • How often will I be paid?

    We pay out most of our partners on a monthly schedule, except for NYC, where we pay out bi-monthly. You can easily access your revenue information right from your dashboard. Log in to see exactly how much incremental revenue you should expect with your next payment.

  • What’s my commitment period as a partner?

    In order to see the true value from our partnership, we encourage all of our partners to stay on the platform long-term. Most of our partners would agree, too, which explains our 95% retention rate. But should you change your mind, you can opt out of ClassPass with 90-days written notice.